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Is Your Home Telling You Something? Wintertime for your home - that ice dam season! Is your energy bill too high and why you ought to audit. A Home Performance Energy Audit can help you decide about air sealing, insulation and other energy savings measures.

Kitchens: What's Cooking? Basic Kitchen design guidelines and tips, History of refrigeration, and handy, humorous food storage tips.

What is Design-Build? The Design/Build model de-mystified, plus: Laundry Room Design concepts for real users, laundry appliance maintenance, a handy laundry care International Symbol list, and a lighter side guide to the same. Also, meet Jason Lemm, Production Manager of Wallner Builders.

Focus on Lighting. Our own primer and guide to types and forms of home lighting, with a guide to and description of the “numbers” used to describe light (Color Temperature and CRI). Learn how to choose CFL’s (compact fluorescent lights) that won’t drive you batty.